Tips on how to choose a home theater projector--Resolution

by Chelsea . on April 17, 2022

What is the Native resolution/Supported resolution of a projector?

What is resolution?

The native resolution is also called physical resolution or standard resolution and refers to the physical pixels of the TFT-LCD used. It has to correspond to the logical points output by the graphics card, so LCD screens often have only one optimal display resolution.

Supported resolution is also called compatible resolution, which refers to the resolution of the input signal that can be supported. It is not necessarily related to the actual picture displayed on the screen.

How to select the resolution of the projector?

For example, if a projector has a standard resolution of 720P and a compatible resolution of 1080P, then it will compress the 1080P picture to 720P and play it back without showing that it is not compatible with that format. So when buying a projector, you should pay more attention to the standard resolution, which is the physical resolution. 

To sum up, the compatible resolution is not very meaningful in practical applications because the image will be compressed, so the standard resolution will be more reliable.