Dangbei Mars Pro: The best projector for gaming.

by Chelsea . on April 06, 2022

Dangbei Mars Pro, the new projector launched from Dangbei, brings a new experience for game players.

With the rapid change of gaming styles, large-screen gaming will definitely bring a more immersive gaming experience for game enthusiasts.

Dangbei Mars Pro adopts Global MEMC motion compensation. The tech of motion compensation can fix the problem of unclear picture quality, severe smearing, and shaking when we use projection equipment to watch movies, games, or other high-speed moving pictures to a large extent.

The motion compensation function is an algorithm to improve the smoothness of the picture. It processes the original 24 fps video into 60 or even 120 fps, thus avoiding problems such as picture shake, ghosting, and smearing.

Simply put, the projector's built-in chip determines the motion trajectory of the motion picture, then generates picture frames that were not in the original video and inserts them between the original frames. This naturally results in a more coherent picture, less smearing, and a naturally sharper picture.

In addition, Dangbei Mars Pro also added a game mode, controlling input latency to about 20ms, which is already excellent in projector products. 

Today's video games have a lot of high-speed running action and graphics. A high speed and smooth action completion have very high requirements for the presentation of graphics. Dangbei Mars Pro can meet the requirements perfectly.

In addition, Dangbei Mars Pro is available for both PC games and mobile games. Multiple connections help.

Thus, Dangbei Mars Pro can be a good choice for large-screen games.