Tips on how to choose a home theater projector--ALPD

by Chelsea . on April 01, 2022

What is ALPD projection technology?

ALPD stands for "Advanced Laser Phosphor Display", which means advanced laser fluorescent display technology. ALPD is the most critical core technology for high-brightness image display, using GaN-based blue laser to excite the movement of fluorescent materials to produce one or more primary colors for image display. 

Conventional image display devices use light sources such as HID and other high-brightness bulbs to display color images. These bulbs have short life span, low efficiency, contain toxic materials and other drawbacks. Due to high efficiency and long life, LEDs have been rapidly used in image display devices since their invention. However, LED is limited by the large amount of optical expansion. Its brightness cannot provide the high brightness display requirements, and is even inferior to some traditional high brightness lamps, such as high-pressure mercury lamps used in traditional projectors.

And laser has excellent directionality. The laser spot can be focused into a tiny (down to a few microns in diameter) spot. Its brightness is not only 100~1,000 times higher than that of LED, but also much higher than that of traditional high-brightness xenon lamps. However, its high cost, low electro-optical conversion efficiency and reliability greatly limit the application of laser in the field of display.

ALPD fluorescence laser technology retains the inherent advantages of traditional laser with high brightness while adopting the basic technology route of blue light combined with fluorescent material similar to mainstream LED lighting and display, innovatively invented remote rotating fluorescent device, which cleverly solves the problem of thermal quenching of fluorescence conversion and still maintains high conversion efficiency under the laser excitation of high-density laser. GaN blue laser and YAG and nitride fluorescent materials are used at the same time, effectively continuing the advantages of LED such as high reliability and long life. ALPDTM laser light source has the advantages of both traditional laser and LED, and solves the shortcomings of both, which is a disruptive new category of light source and a major breakthrough in the history of lighting technology.

To sum up, ALPD laser light source projection technology is the leading laser phosphor display technology in the projection industry. ALPD uses GaN-based blue laser light to excite the movement of fluorescent materials to produce one or more primary colors to achieve image display, which is the most core key technology for high brightness image display. ALPD technology has a series of characteristics such as high brightness, long life, low cost, small size, low energy consumption and good image quality, which is the world's leading laser light source projection technology solution.