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How to choose a home theater projector--ANSI Lumens & Brightness

by Chelsea . on April 01, 2022

What is ANSI Lumens?

Simply put, ANSI lumens, as developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), are used to indicate the light output of a projector. 

From a professional point of view, ANSI lumens is the main technical indicator of a projector. "Light out" is usually expressed in terms of luminous flux, which describes the ability of a light source to produce a strong or weak visual response per unit of time, and is measured in lumens.

The projector indicates that the international standard unit of luminous flux is ANSI lumens, which is the method of measuring the luminous flux of a projector developed by the American National Standards Institute. It is now more commonly accepted internationally.

What is brightness?

In simple terms, brightness is the light emitted by the projector light machine. From the professional side, the indicator of projector brightness defines the brightness of the image of the projector, in fact it is determined by the light output of the projector. But at present, the world manufacturers do not have a unified standard. Therefore, there are different names of brightness, illuminance, light output, etc. in each manual, and there are many units, including lux, lumens, peak white lumens, ANSI lumens, etc.

In fact, in optical theory, there are strict definitions and units for the physical quantities that indicate the degree of light and darkness of an object, but in everyday use, people tend to mix them up and call them brightness.

Summary tips:

When you buy a projector, you only need to refer to ANSI lumens as a unit of brightness!

Note: Must be ANSI lumens as the standard.