Tips on how to choose a home theater projector--Focus

by Chelsea . on April 01, 2022

Focus means finding the focal length that makes the projector's picture the clearest. Simply put, the projector makes the picture clearer by focusing. The focus function of the current projector is divided into manual focus and autofocus. 

Manual focus means that you need to manually adjust the sharpness of the projected image. You can generally adjust the focus by pressing the up and down buttons of the remote control until the picture is clear. Adjusting the picture sharpness by manual focus will be more accurate, but the operation is slightly tedious. 

Autofocus means that the projector can automatically adjust the picture clarity until the picture is clear. Just turn on the projector's autofocus function and adjust the picture clarity with one click. The autofocus does not require manual adjustment of the picture clarity, which is very convenient and smart.

The way to focus a non-smart projector is to toggle the focus ring. The focus ring is generally located above the lens, and the principle is to adjust the lens inside the projector lens by toggling the focus ring to change the focal distance from the lens to the projection wall, thus making the picture clear.