Tips on how to choose a home theater projector--Game mode

by Chelsea . on April 01, 2022

Does game mode actually work? What exactly is projector low input latency?

In the projector products released in 2021, many projectors have newly added a game mode. So does this game mode really work? Let's take a look at the game mode for projectors.

Game mode was developed primarily for gaming enthusiasts to provide projector users with a "smooth" gaming experience. The projector manufacturer will optimize the HDMI latency input to improve the response time from the operation to the game console and then to the projector.

To put it simply, the projector and the game console are like two processes in a painting factory. After the game console has finished painting, it needs to output to the projector through the wire, and the projector is responsible for making the picture appear in the best way. The time required for this whole process is the input delay. The game mode compresses the input time to achieve a faster response.

Currently, the Dangbei Mars Pro can control input latency to about 20ms, which is already excellent in projector products.

The effect of input latency varies between devices for projectors made by different manufacturers. The projector's game mode can also be superior or inferior. The current input latency control of projectors within 20ms is considered excellent. In addition, the user's environment, the material and length of the cable, and whether the HDMI port comes with ARC all affect the input latency to some extent.