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Tips on how to choose a home theater projector--LCD

by Chelsea . on April 01, 2022

LCD is one of the mainstream display technologies widely used in the world.

What is LCD?

LCD is short for the Liquid Crystal Display, which is a flat-panel display or other electronically modulated optical devices.

This technology appeared in 1968. As the technology develops, LCD projectors can be divided into 1-chip LCD projector and 3LCD projector.

  1. 1-chip LCD Projector

The working principle of a 1-chip LCD projector is to remove the backlight part of the LCD panel, and then use a high-power backlight source to illuminate the LCD panel through the condenser. AS the LCD panel is transparent, the picture will be irradiated out and through the front of the focusing mirror and lens, which hit the screen and imaging.    

  1. 3LCD Projector

Firstly, the light goes through the filter, filtering invisible light such as infrared and ultraviolet light, which has certain damages on the LCD panel.  The light is homogenized through two multi-lens lenses. Then, the conical light produced by the UHP lamp is corrected to a rectangular light similar to the projected image.  A prism between the two mirrors is used to pre-polarize the light, reducing the loss of light compared to an asymmetrical light box without the prism.

The light is then divided into red, green, and blue primary colors by the spectroscope and reflected onto the corresponding liquid crystal plate.  Before reaching the liquid crystal, the light must pass through a convex lens, concentrating the light, and a polarizer, which further polarizes the light so that it vibrates in the same direction and can be controlled by the liquid crystal. 

Finally, the light passes through the LCD and is driven by the circuit board. Each pixel on the LCD is opened and closed in order to produce an image, and rich colors are generated through the adjustment of each original color light.  The final three rays converge and are projected by the lens.

  1. Differences Between One-chip LCD and 3LCD

One-chip LCD projector is Light in weight, small, and portable, but its life span is short and the resolution is relatively low. 3LD projector performs better in terms of image quality but its price is relatively expensive.