Tips on how to choose a home theater projector--processor

by Chelsea . on April 01, 2022

The word processor should not be unfamiliar to anyone, whether it is a projector, a cell phone, or a computer, it is an integral part. So what does a projector processor mean, and what does it do, let's read on. 

What is the projector processor for? 

First of all, the projector's processing chip is equivalent to the brain of the projector. The processing chip includes the GPU and the CPU. the GPU, also known as the image processor, is responsible for processing the image information in the projector.

The CPU is what we call the central processing unit, or processor, which is responsible for processing the data information of the projector, and the stronger the CPU, the faster it can process the data information, and the smoother it can operate.

Which is the best projector processor? 

The common CPU models in projectors are: Mstar 6A838, Mstar 6A628, Mstar 6A848, MSD 6A638, Mstar 6A938, Amlogic T968.

The CPUs are roughly Mstar 6A938 > Mstar 6A848 > Amlogic T968 > Mstar 6A838 > MSD 6A638 > Mstar 6A628 in a sorted order.

When you are shopping for a projector, you can compare them according to the above ranking.