Tips on how to choose a home theater projector--ROM & RAM.

by Chelsea . on April 16, 2022

RAM and ROM are always been seen on specifications of many projectors. What do they really stand for?

ROM means read-only memory, referring to the space where the projector stores files. ROM is responsible for storing and saving data. The number of apps that can be installed on the projector and the number of pictures and videos that the projector can store depends on the projector's memory. Therefore, the memory size is also an important parameter when choosing a projector.

RAM is short for random access memory, referring to the amount of space required by the projector to run. 

RAM is not capable of storing files. it is temporary storage. With more RAM, larger and more software can be opened, and the loading speed and switching between different software will be faster.

In short, the larger the storage and operating memory, the smoother the projector will be when used, and the faster the response will be. 

Nowadays, most smart home projectors have a built-in storage of 2G+16G. Some high-end flagship projectors have a large storage of 4G+32G.