Tips on how to choose a home theater projector--Throw ratio

by Chelsea . on April 01, 2022

Throw ratio is the ratio of throw distance to screen width. Throw ratio = throw distance/screen width. The larger the throw ratio, the greater the distance required for the same screen size.

Throw distance is the distance from the projector lens to the screen.

For example, the screen you want is 100 inches; if the throw ratio is 0.39:1, the throw distance is only 86.64cm, but if the throw ratio is 1.2:1, you need a throw distance of 266.58cm to get the same screen size.

At present, the common throw ratio of home projectors is 1.2:1.

The advantage of the reduction of the throw ratio value

Now with the development of science and technology and changes in people's needs, the throw ratio of projectors keeps getting smaller and smaller. Ultra-short-throw projectors that can project large images at short distances have become a trend. At present, laser ultra-short-throw projectors are used more and more in education, household and other fields. The main reason is that the ultra-short-throw projector greatly shortens the projection distance, eliminating the concerns of many users who want to use the projector but suffer from small indoor space. In addition, the reduction of the throw ratio has many advantages, such as the light will not shine on the speaker in front of the screen, affecting the speaker's speech and the audience watching.

Will the projector's throw ratio continue to decrease?

Now laser TVs are still getting more and more popular, and everyone knows that laser TVs use reflective ultra-short-throw projectors. The fiercer the competition in the laser TV industry will inevitably promote the change of technology. Therefore it is very possible that the projection ratio will continue to become smaller. When everyone pays attention to the price of the projector, they also need to pay more attention to some changes in the throw ratio of the projector. Throw ratio has a great influence on the daily application of the projector.

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