What’s the smart projector?

by DangBei on July 14, 2021

What’s the smart projector?

With the development of economy and science, technology, the improvement of living standards, a growing number of leading-edge products are bringing more great positive effects on our life. For example, the smart projector has to improve our way of life. But what is a smart projector? 

A smart projector is the latest generation of portable devices that combine your mobile device, network, and streaming content to provide the best experience. It's easy to carry out and convenient for outdoor parties. And allow you to enjoy the open-air theatre with your friend at any time. 

The new technology makes the brightness of smart projectors long-lasting without dimming over time. Compared with a smart television, it integrates with the latest technology and a smart AI voice control system, a variety of streaming media, and application. It provides more functions and a large image. 

Although many smart projectors are labeling themselves as "SMART," it's not to imply that built-in an operating system. Consider the combination of features you need, and this is the most critical purchasing guide. 


Portable Design

A smart projector tends to be smaller. The smallest one is about one pound can be carried directly in your pocket, known as a pocket projector with the average weight of many portable projectors being around 4 pounds. The home entertainment smart projector may be a bit bulkier, but it is still with portability in mind when designs it. 

If you want to take a smart projector with you for a trip, you may consider its portability. If you're going to use a smart projector in your living room, please think whether it is bright enough to output the projection. Specifically, how to use a smart projector is one of the essential considerations when you purchase. 


LED Light Source

What’s the smart projector?

Smart projectors use LED and DLP display technology to extend the life of the projector. Traditional light bulb projectors produce a darkened projection effect with time in use. And smart projectors with LED and DLP projector technology last for times longer than lamp projectors. And the combination of red, green, and blue light sources can improve the color saturation and brightness of the picture.

A lamp-free projector implies that you no longer need to change the bulb, and don't worry that the bulb will dim over time. The LED light source can maintain a bright output throughout its life.

It glows for up to 20000 hours and has low noise because the led light source generates much less heat than the traditional light source, making the fan noise lower.

With traditional light bulb smart projectors usually contain mercury, which makes the new generation of smart projectors more environmentally friendly.



What’s the smart projector?

Over-compress the volume of a smart projector will reduce its resolution. It depends on the environment in which you are having a good time. If you just want to have a drink and watch Netflix at night on the roof with your friends. You can use a lower resolution device, such as a Pico Projector.

But not all smart projectors are like this. Laser projectors and 4k projectors are already on the market. If home entertainment is your first choice, then you should choose a higher resolution as a priority rather than its volume. Please make a clear distinction between 'supporting 4k projector' and 'real 4k projector while you are purchasing. 



What’s the smart projector?

Lumens are the measured brightness of the light source of the projector.

A smart projector is generally combined with LED light sources. It is necessary to distinguish between the brightness of the light source and the true ANSI lumens. If a device is labeled with 3500 lumens, then its ANSI lumens are actually around 1000-1200 ANSI lumens or even lower. The brighter your room is, the higher the lumens you need.

Conversely, the ambient light is lower ( the room is very dark), you can focus on the contrast. The contrast of the projector in the Dolby Cinema is 1000000. Choose a home theater projector with high contrast as much as possible.


App Store


What’s the smart projector?

Smart projectors include app stores, just like your smartphone.

So it can completely replace your smartphone in terms of entertainment.

Matching your voice commands requires a powerful processor chip, memory, and storage space when using an application,

Please choose a smart projector with the latest chips (such as MSTAR938). Smart projectors are more convenient than traditional projectors and can use applications without the need to connect to other devices. Most smart projectors directly watch streaming media such as Nexflit, Hulu.


Voice Control

 What’s the smart projector? 

Voice control is needed for both app store and streaming media programs.

After a busy day at work, when you come home and say something about my favorite music or the hottest movie, enjoy it with a glass of whiskey. What a fabulous wonderland, right?

Most intelligent projectors use Goole or Alexa's voice control.



What’s the smart projector?

Traditional projectors often require a long projection distance or need to be installed in the ceiling.

But the smart projector has decreased the throw ratio, which means you only need to put it on the coffee table to see a 100-inch image.

The laser projector only needs 0.78 feet to project a 100-inch picture, regardless of the installation location.

Exactly,  Choosing the right projector according to the length of your room.


Auto Focus & Auto Keystone

Traditional projectors need to adjust their vision according to your installation location.

The smart projector has the function of auto-focus and automatic keystone correction. as long as you determine the projection distance, it will automatically adjust the view angle. 


Premium Speakers


While traditional projectors always require an external stereo, portable projectors may have compromised sound quality due to the volume, probably due to the Harmon/Kardon® speakers that come with smart home theater projectors. Choose an external speaker or a built-in speaker depending on your sound quality.


Height Adjustment

It only takes a few books to adapt to the projection angle of the intelligent projector.

If you are looking for more professional accessories, it is recommended to buy a projector bottom bracket.


Interface & Connections 

The connection of the interface is also essential. The HDMI2.0 interface provided by the smart projector can correctly transmit 4k images at 60 FPS or 8k pictures at 30 FPS.

The LAN interface allows you to connect directly to the wired network at home when the Wi-Fi is unstable, to ensure the fluency of watching the movie.

At the same time, the smart projector provides a digital audio interface for natural external sound.

The USB3.0 interface makes it easy to read the data of USB disk, which can be used for both office and entertainment. 

5G Wi-Fi

Compared with 2.4G Wi-Fi, the anti-jamming ability of 5G Wi-Fi is stronger and the network is more stable. Whether it's projecting content from a smartphone to a big screen, or accessing


 Eye Protection 

The smart projector uses LED display technology. It's how the light shines on the screen or the wall, and then it goes into someone's eyes, which is closer to the natural light.

But LCD TVs, computers, iPad and other electronic products are direct light sources, just as you look directly at the sunlight source,which damage your eye directly 


MEMC ( Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation) 

When the game screen does not reach 60 fps per second in faster motion, it will have the effect of tearing, jams, and dragging. But Motion compensation will improve this problem ideally. It's an intelligent algorithm that generates additional frames for the motion track, which can increase the rate to 150% at the highest, keeping the picture smooth throughout. 


Select a smart projector or traditional projector? Choose a smart home entertainment projector or smart portable projector? It depends on the environment in which you need, the function you use, and the purpose you achieve. What attracts attention is that not long after its establishment, a Chinese technology company Dangbei has launched a flagship smart projector that integrates all the above functions. It is something to look forward to.