Why do we need a projector?

by Chelsea . on February 18, 2022

With the development of the Internet and technology, people are less use the televisions at home. Most of them chose smartphones or PCs, especially for the young generation. While both smartphones and PCs could not meet the increasing demand for large screens. A large screen would bring a lot more conveniences for people who are fond of films or other videos.

Currently, the projectors are not only for videos. It adopts many other entertainments for us.

Eye protection

First of all, a large screen decreases fatigue and damage to the eyes. There will be a lot of radiation directly from the TV light source, especially mobile phones and tablets. However, the projector directly shoots the light toward the wall and feeds back the picture to the human eye through the reflection of the wall, which is the diffuse reflection of the projector. Moreover, a professional ophthalmological institution has tested the impact of mobile phones, tablets, TV sets, and projectors on children's vision. The results also show that projectors have the least impact on children's eyesight, mobile phones and pads have the greatest impact, and televisions are the second.

Multi-scene adaptation

The projectors nowadays have supported a lot more connections. Except for the wired connection, it enables to connect to many devices like PCs, Switch, PS4, and tv boxes. You can directly project the content on your smartphone to enjoy a large-screen video experience. Also, the smart projectors suit a lot of necessary scenes in daily life, such as classes, meetings, and other training scenes. It brings a lot more convenience to our modern life.

Excellent picture performance

Nowadays, smart projectors have undergone tremendous technological improvements in terms of display chips, brightness, contrast, and functionality. The picture clarity can even reach the level of 4k HD.

To sum up, smart projectors are the future trend in the home video playback market.