Ali YunOS and Dangbei Network reached a deep cooperation to win TV application ecology

by Chelsea . on December 15, 2021

It is reported that Ali YunSo and Dangbei Network have signed a cooperation agreement together, and both parties will start extensive and in-depth cooperation in multiple fields and levels around TV application center, value-added services for developers and application cashing based on Ali YunOs platform,and jointly promote the progress and development of OTT TV industry.

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is the home base of both Alibaba and Dangbei Network, as well as an innovative city full of humanistic atmosphere and technological dynamics. Not only does it have a beautiful landscape with glistening water and empty mountains, it also has a good social environment and development potential, which brings unlimited vitality and development opportunities for many enterprises.

YunOS is the intelligent operating system of Alibaba Group, which integrates the technical achievements of Alibaba in multiple fields such as cloud data storage,cloud computing services and smart device operating system,and can be installed on smart TVs,smart set-top boxes,smart phones,Internet cars, smart homes and other smart terminals. In addition to the household name Tmall Magic Box, YunOS also covers set-top box manufacturers such as Infineon, Diyte and Tianmin, and many brand models such as Haier TV, Sharp TV and Konka TV are also equipped with YunOS operating system.

Dangbei Market is an application store for smart TVs and TV boxes,with many genuine TV application resources, and has reached an official application store partnership with well-known brand hardware manufactures such as Konka TV,Haier TV, Storm TV,etc. According to the "2017 Mid-OTT Operation Data Blue Book" released by Aowei Cloud, Dangbei Market ranks first in the "2017 H1 Smart TV Third Party App APK Ranking" with 10 million monthly active terminals.

This partnership between Ali YunOS and Dangbei Market will further expand the coverage of home users, provide diversified distribution channels and exposure opportunities for the majority of TV app developers, and help improve developer efficiency, enabling them to attract users and generate revenue conveniently. At the same time, with enough exposure and strong channel support, it can help budding TV app developers seize the market and will also facilitate brand building and communication.

In addition to application distribution cooperation, Ali and Dangbei's cooperation will also jointly promote TV application advertising business and provide professional value-added traffic realization services to help developers increase revenue. Relying on the massive user base and user profile, Dangbei Network has developed an interactive marketing system "Dangbei Dianjin" for OTT TV terminal advertising, which can realize multi-dimensional screening of media, channels, regions and devices, and provide digital integrated marketing services for advertisers.