BOE and Dangbei reached a cooperation---New product smart screen pre-installed Dangbei-iGallery application market

by Chelsea . on November 21, 2021

Recently, BOE and Dangbei reached a cooperation to pre-install the Dangbei-iGallery application market in the BOE-iGallery smart screen series products, which can be downloaded and installed through the customized version of Dangbei market without connecting to the host,no matter video, audio or game. Entertainment can meet the needs of today's young consumers.

According to reports, the Dangbei-iGallery application market has all covered the head resources of current online drama broadcasts such as bilibili, Cloud Audio-Visual, iQIYI TV, Mango TV, various sports events, hit dramas, great movies, animation, short video and other rich video content can even let users forget the identity of BOE iGallery smart screen series products display.

It is worth mentioning that the strong performance configuration and smooth system platform of  BOE iGallery smart screen series products support users to download cloud game applications through the Dangbei-iGallery application market, even if there is no mainframe, the display can be connected to the handle, enjoy a lot of gaming fun. The new iGallery SA72D0 desktop smart screen also has built-in speakers, allowing you to watch audio and video as you like, and play games easily.

BOE-iGallery exclusive patented "Gamma modulation method", low blue light and no screen flicker technology certified by Germany TUV, provides the community with healthy, high quality and high definition desktop display application products.

And Dangbei market is one of the well-known smart big screen service providers in China now. It has been deeply engaged in all major segments of the smart big screen fiel, and its business covers five major sections: websites,software,advertising, hardware and operating system. We have also laid out the whole industry chain, including Dangbei Market, Dangbei Movie, Dangbei KuGou,Dangbei Education and Dangbei OS. In the core technology and market share are in an important position in the industry. The website has more than 2.6 million visitors in a single day, and the APP products cover more than 200 million terminals, relying on strong AI and big data capabilities, which can be accurately pushed in real time.