Dangbei and China Mobile reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote the intelligent home ecology

by Chelsea . on February 16, 2022

With the continuous development of 5G ultra HD and AI, IOT, cloud computing, big data and edge computing, the home market demand is accelerated. on November 19, China Mobile Smart Home Operation Center reached a deep strategic cooperation with Dangbei at the 2020 Global Partners Meeting in Guangzhou. The two sides will take the digital core strategy as the basis, and launch a deeper cooperation mode in the product side, content side and service side, strengthen the integrated development of software and hardware, and further promote the intelligent family ecology.

China Mobile Deputy General Manager Jane Qin said, in the past five years, China Mobile together with industry chain partners, in the development of the home market development side together to achieve rapid growth in the scale of home broadband, broadband TV, together to achieve the rapid growth of smart home business, together to create a mutually beneficial and win-win family cooperation ecology. Looking to the future, China Mobile is willing to work with the industry chain to deepen the scene based customer operations, the implementation of the 'five acceleration', accelerate the whole society into the era of smart home.

As one of the few successful digital transformation enterprises in the field of smart home, relying on the innate advantage of software level, Dangbei and China Mobile have coincided to establish a complete integrated smart home business of software and hardware&system, realizing a high-quality and diversified ecosystem around the smart home industry. At present, Dangbei has met the urgent needs of over 200 million home screen users for diversified smart home scenarios.

The synergistic development of home content resources such as Dangbei Market, Dangbei Movie, Dangbei Desktop and other product resources such as Dangbei Projection and Dangbei Box has built the existing business development model of Dan gbei. On this basis, Dangbei has independently developed Dangbei OS, which is specially built for large home screens, and its technology and innovation have been widely recognized, further highlighting its business map and synergy advantages, and bringing more new possibilities for the smart home industry.

The strategic cooperation between China Mobile and Dangbei is a strong combination of the rapid development of the smart home industry in the 5G era. Both sides will create a new model of "content + hardware" smart home business in line with the trend of consumer upgrading, to meet the urgent needs of people for a better smart life home convenience, emotional communication and security needs.