Dangbei and Sony join forces to power Sony TV application ecology

by Chelsea . on July 30, 2021

Currently, Dangbei Network and Sony (China) officially reached a strategic cooperation - its product Dangbei Market will be the official application store of Sony TV, providing users with application download services. This cooperation will bring richer TV applications to Sony TV users and explore the content value of large TV screens. The two parties will jointly create a new home entertainment ecosystem with "hardware + content" as the core.

Dangbei Network (Hangzhou Dangbei Network Technology Co., Ltd.) is currently one of the leading value-added Internet TV service providers in China. Its business includes the well-known industry vertical media, TV interactive advertising and marketing platform, application and content distribution platform in China. We also have many excellent TV products and patented technologies, mastered a huge user base and complete TV user portrait, and built a comprehensive user-oriented large-screen business service based on strong data analysis capability.

Dangbei Market is an app store tailored for smart TVs, covering terminals with millions of monthly active users, and is currently the leading TV app distribution channel in China, with more than 3,000 large-screen TV apps, covering video, games, music, life, education and other categories. With strong technical strength and massive content resources, Dangbei has also reached official app store cooperation with many domestic TV brands and has won many industry awards such as "2016 Innovative Application Software", "2017 Innovative Application", "No. 1 Brand in TV APP Market Share" and "Consumer Preferred Brand in TV APP".

The Sony brand is also extremely well known in the TV field and occupies a very important position in the global high-grade market. On the one hand, Sony has differentiated hardware strength, such as constantly upgraded and advanced 4K HDR image processing chip, combined with a variety of super resolution technology 4K sharp image processing engine Pro, sharp light control technology PRO, Terry Phantom display technology, multi-speed refresh technology, the use of screen vibration sound field technology and so on; on the other hand, Sony has also achieved near perfection in the process of design, boldly abandoned the conventional bracket and bezel system, the use of clever hidden line design, not only to make the product and the surrounding environment natural coordination, but also give the product itself a strong sense of art. It is these constant streams of "black technology" that have established Sony's position as the "faith brand" in the technology world.

This partnership between Dangbei Market and Sony TV can better focus on providing more quality distribution channels and exposure opportunities for the majority of TV app developers. And it helps to improve the efficiency of developers, making it easier to attract users and generate revenue. At the same time, with the high frequency of omni-channel exposure and strong channel support, it can also help budding TV app developers to quickly capture the market and will be more conducive to brand building and communication. In addition, Dangbei also provides professional value-added traffic realization services for developers to help them increase their revenue. Dangbei Network has developed a complete set of interactive marketing system "Dangbei Dianjin" for OTT TV advertising based on its own massive user base and complete user portrait. Dangbei Dianjin supports multi-dimensional precise placement, authoritative advertising effect monitoring, transparent advertising placement mechanism and one-to-one technical support, which can provide professional and precise OTT TV advertising placement services for advertisers.

Some industry analysts say that this is another important cooperation of Dangbei network after brands such as Konka TV, Skyworth TV, Haier TV, Panasonic TV, PPTV TV, Kukai TV, Storm TV, Love Mango TV and Yunos TV app store. Through this cooperation with Sony, Dangbei Market will use its rich resources and diversified distribution channels to enhance Sony TV's core competitiveness in content to meet the needs of different age groups of users, create a differentiated content ecology, and help Sony TV build a greater content advantage in the OTT field. This will also enable Dangbei Market to continue to improve its application distribution capabilities, while providing TV users with richer ways of home entertainment, promoting the development of the industry and realizing the value of the company itself.