Dangbei CEO Jin Linglin and President Lei Qi named to the Hurun China Under 30s To Watch

by Chelsea . on September 08, 2021

Dangbei founder and CEO Jin Linglin and co-founder and president Lei Qi were named to the Hurun China Under 30s To Watch, along with Chinese business elites such as founder and CEO Chen Cong of All Football APP, founder Xu Yi of Bilibili, Chinese stand-up comedian Li Dan, and beauty influencer Li Jiaqi.

Before that, Jin Linglin had already been honored on Forbes 30 Under 30, and this time the two founders of Dangbei were selected together in the Hurun China Under 30s To Watch, which is not only a recognition of their entrepreneurial achievements by the authoritative media in the business world but also a high appreciation of the development changes they brought to their industry.​

The Hurun China Under 30s To Watch has always been known for its independent authority and high quality. All those on the list in previous years are local Chinese innovative talents, and the companies they represent are unicorns in niche areas with great business investment value. "It's hard to imagine that these young entrepreneurial leaders, with an average age of 28, have already raised an average of $9.1 million in financing to Series A", Hurun said at the conference.​

Dangbei is a well-known Internet TV value-added service provider in China, which has served more than 200 million users so far. One of its core businesses, Dangbei Market, is currently the No.1 smart TV app store in China in terms of market share, and has cooperated with Sony, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Panasonic, Tencent and other top brands.

Based on the advantages of app distribution on the large screen, Dangbei has established a huge matrix of APP products and big data platform, with more than 20 million monthly active users. At the same time, ZNDS forum and other own businesses to provide accurate traffic, can be low-cost and efficient to drive the long-term development of enterprises.

Since then, Dangbei has started to venture into the field of intelligent hardware, launching a number of projector products, and independently developed the Dangbei OS system built specifically for large screens, further strengthening and enhancing the traffic entrance level in the field of intelligent large screens.​

After the meeting, Dangbei CEO Jin Linglin and Dangbei President Lei Qi, who were selected as the Hurun China Under 30s To Watch, said, "It's an honor for us to be recognized by Hurun Report together, and this listing is more of a recognition of Dangbei's performance in the field of the intelligent big screen, so that every family can enjoy the fun of big screen is what we have been doing ". With the accelerated rise of the new "Internet + living room economy", "intelligent, high-definition, large-screen" has become the new trend of the industry, "Dangbei has set the future goals and long-term development strategy, ready to meet the new challenges."