Dangbei listed in the top 100 Chinese quasi-unicorn companies in 2021 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Internet Weekly

by Chelsea . on June 30, 2021

Recently, "Internet Weekly" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Deben Consulting, and eNet Research Institute jointly released the "Top 100 Chinese Quasi-Unicorn Enterprises in 2021". The list is comprehensively ranked based on three major indicators, such as innovation, influence and scale, and finally selected the top 100 quasi-unicorn companies in 2021.

A "unicorn" is usually a company that is less than 10 years old and has a valuation of more than $1 billion. In addition, the company should also feature a sunrise industry, fast growth rate of characteristics. Being in the unicorn club is a symbol of the transformation from "adolescence" to "adulthood", representing a new economic model, leading social innovation, and a unique symbol of a country's technological progress and industrial upgrading.

In recent years, "quasi-unicorn" enterprises are getting more and more attention from the industry. Founded in August 2013, Dangbei is one of China's leading smart big screen value-added service suppliers and the president of China's big screen application software branch. Its business spans software, hardware and operating systems, and its software serves more than 200 million home users. It has the leading TV application distribution platform Dangbei Market, as well as many high-quality large-screen applications such as Dangbei Movie, Dangbei Kugou Music, Dangbei Education and Dangbei Fitness.  

Since the release of Dangbei projectors, Dangbei boxes and other large-screen smart hardware products in 2019, the company has established a series of product systems covering mid-to-high-end users in just two years. The growth rate of the hardware business continued to be the first, and it has developed into a leading brand in the projector and TV box categories and has successfully established a composite sales path with multiple pivot points in retail, commercial and operator channels.

DangbeiOS, the company's self-developed large-screen operating system, adhering to the product concept of "light, fast and free", has been well-received upon its release. Now it has been widely adopted by domestic and foreign large-screen hardware enterprises, compatible with all kinds of hardware brand models in the industry, covering smart TV, smart projection, TV box, smart car, smart home appliances and other large-screen terminal devices. In addition, it has also reached deep cooperation with well-known international brands such as SONY, LG and VW.

Currently, Dangbei has completed its Series C financing. As a 2020 Hangzhou quasi-unicorn company and a 2020 IPO reserve company in Hangzhou High-tech Zone (Binjiang), Dangbei is considered one of the most likely Chinese high-growth companies to reach the unicorn level in the next three to five years. 

Nowadays, digital economy is becoming an important engine of global economic and social development. Dangbei will continue to provide high-quality products and services in the field of intelligent large screen ecology based on its excellent technical strength and innovative ability to push out new ideas, and continue to play its corporate strengths to help the new industry and new mode of digital economy.