Dangbei projector is on the list of TOP100 potential new brands---the 1st growth rate for three consecutive years

by Chelsea . on March 30, 2022

Recently, Ali Mama Merchant Marketing Center's business "Tmall Treasure New Brands", which focuses on new brand incubation, released its Top 100 potential new brands list for March, and Dangbei projectors made the list along with Robam Appliances, Ambrosial and other well-known brands.


Ali Mama is the digital marketing center of Alibaba Group, and the data released is authoritative and widely recognized. The "Tmall Treasure New Brand", as a business under Ali Mama Marketing Center, focuses on new brand incubation, and achieves explosive growth of new brands by accelerating the brand panorama operation. Dangbei's inclusion in the list is another affirmation of its brand and product strength, which fully demonstrates the brand's strong growth and consumer recognition.

Dangbei Projector Sales Growth No. 1 Continuously


Dangbei entered the projector market in 2019, focusing on the high-end, and quickly won the favor of users with its high configuration and new OS system. In less than 3 years, Dangbei projectors have firmly established themselves as the top 2 projectors in China.

Good products are the only way to have good sales. In addition to brand sales recognition, Dangbei products have also won several international awards, including the German iF Design Award, the IAI Design Award, the Italian A’ Award and other international awards, gaining international recognition for product design.


DangbeiX3——TOP 1 of the projector

When it comes to Dangbei projection, what comes to mind is the "No.1" product - DangbeiX3 laser projector, whose brightness reaches the brightness ceiling in the Chiese smart projector industry.



In the future, Dangbei will continue to focus on users, launch more influential products, provide users with quality experience services, and let the world feel the charisma of Created in China!