Dangbei Projector Obtained Visual Low Fatigue Certification

by Chelsea . on March 18, 2022

Dangbei projector has passed the test of China Electronics Standardization Institute(CESI) and obtained the certification of low visual fatigue.

CESI Laboratory is a comprehensive organization of China Electronics Standardization Institute in the field of standard test verification, testing and calibration. Dangbei projector has passed the multiple tests set by it, and has obtained the certification of low visual fatigue electronic products from the authoritative organization.

Visual fatigue refers to looking at the display terminal of electronic products for a long time without producing or producing mild non-specific subjective symptoms, including blurred vision, dizziness, headache, dry eyes and other symptoms.

At the moment of informatization, online education and online office have become the trend. Therefore, how to protect the eyes has received attention.

Now, projectors are gradually becoming the primary equipment recommended in the teaching process. In addition to studying and working, projectors are also used as home entertainment devices. Moreover, the home projector market has further expanded, and larger screens have become a trend. More and more people use smart projectors to watch movies and follow dramas.

Compared with electronic screens such as TVs, computers, and tablets, smart projectors have larger screen sizes and better eye protection. Whether it is work, study, or home entertainment, smart projectors provide a better experience.

Dangbei projector F3 adopts the principle of diffuse reflection imaging, which is different from the direct lighting principle of traditional LCD TVs. The light of the F3 projector is projected onto the wall or screen with diffuse reflection and enters the human eye to reduce eye irritation, which makes it easier to watch movies for a long time, and is more suitable for the elderly and children to watch movies.

Poor brightness is also an important factor in visual fatigue. Inadequate projected image brightness can increase eye stress during the day or in lighting conditions. The viewing brightness of Dangbei Projector F3 meets the test standard of Saixi laboratory. It adopts Germany's new generation of high-power LED light group RGB+B 4-channel architecture, the brightness reaches 2050ANSI lumens, and it can be easily used in the daytime.

In addition, the resolution of the projector directly affects the clarity of the projected picture. In order to protect your eyes, whether you are watching movies or taking online classes, you need to use a high-definition projector. Dangbei Projector F3 is equipped with a 0.47-inch DMD display chip, and the physical resolution reaches 1080P full HD, from which people can easily see the small characters on the screen.

In the field of large screens, eye health has always been a common concern of consumers, and eye protection is also a feature pursued by many manufacturers. Now, Dangbei projector has passed the evaluation of low visual fatigue electronic products by the national authoritative organization, which is the embodiment of Dangbei's emphasis on user needs and pursuit of high-standard products. It is believed that Dangbei will launch more excellent products that meet international standards in the future.