Dangbei reaches strategic cooperation with Kugou Music and Ultimate Music to create exclusive music services for the big screen

by Chelsea . on October 25, 2021

With the continuous development of smart big screens, people have an increasingly strong demand for diversified living room entertainment. Recently, Dangbei reached important strategic cooperation with Kugou Music and Ultimate Music to jointly launched DangbeiKugou Music, an application customized for TV big screen built-in Kugou Music of millions of genuine music contents, aiming to provide a better music experience for large screen users, enrich family entertainment life, and jointly promote the development of domestic IoT smart terminal music services. 

The UI of DangbeiKugou Music is deeply customized based on the TV terminal and optimized specifically for large TV screens, with the page layout and control logic perfectly fitting the habits of large-screen users. In terms of music content, DangbeiKugou Music is supported by Kugou's massive library of genuine music, which basically covers most of the music copyrights at home and abroad. All the music you like is available here. It also inherits the big data gene of the Kugou Music app, which can accurately recommend high-quality and popular music for TV users based on intelligent algorithms, ensuring that users can enjoy the latest and most popular music anytime.

Kugou Music and Ultimate Music are both owned by Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME). Kugou Music is a senior digital music interactive service provider in China and a leader in Internet technology innovation. Ultimate Music, on the other hand, is a leader in Business-side music copyright integration services in China, with years of mature experience in the IoT field, and has helped a number of IoT companies to create excellent music solutions. Both provide strong support for DangbeiKugou Music on the TV side in terms of content and operation.

As a company with continuous leading user scale and rich experience in industry innovation, Kugou Music is committed to providing the best solutions for users and music industry development. Since its inception, Kugou Music has been making bold attempts in digital music development and joined hands with QQ Music, Ultimate Music, and Cool Music to form the Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) family in 2017, working together to bring better and more diversified digital music services to users at home and abroad.

At present, Kugou Music has accumulated a huge amount of digital music copyrights and has a large massive library of 10 million, and has made efforts in promoting a wide range of cross-industry and cross-platform cooperation to make its own contribution in the global music digitalization process. Ultimate Music, on the other hand, has been committed to deeply cultivating the domestic Business-side music service market for many years, striving to help partners create excellent music solutions in the industry by providing massive high-quality content and professional music integration services, and providing users with the best music experience in diverse scenarios.

Since its establishment, Dangbei has been focusing on the field of smart big screen, and is a home Internet platform that integrates the whole ecology of software, hardware and system. The company has the leading TV application distribution platform Dangbei Market, the self-developed system DangbeiOS for large screen, and hardware products such as Dangbei Projector and Dangbei Super Box, as well as many products such as Dangbei Movie and TV with massive genuine HD content, Dangbei Desktop, and Dangbei Fitness, forming a complete software and hardware ecology. Depending on its strong technology R&D capability and rich experience in channels, Dangbei is also actively expanding its business map, reaching strategic cooperation with many famous enterprises upstream and downstream, and deeply laying out the large screen field. Up to now, the total coverage of Dangbei's business has exceeded 200 million home users.

This exploration of Dangbei and Kugou Music and Ultimate Music to develop TV-side music applications relies on the rich music operation experience and resources of Kugou Music and Ultimate Music, the core technologies of Kugou Music, and Dangbei’s mature large-screen ecosystem. They are keen to provide quality big screen music services for the majority of TV end users, allowing the integration of the two ecologies of digital music and OTT big screen content to create synergy and further enrich family entertainment life.

Starting at this date, DangbeiKugou Music will debut on Dangbei Market, Sony, Xiaomi, Ali, LeTV, Fengxing, Skyworth, Konka, Haier, Sharp, pptv, Mango Milk, Gomez, Lenovo, Storm, Dangbei Market, Dangbei Projection, DangbeiOS and other platforms.

In the future, OTT big screen will also usher in more ways to have fun, and the music market will also usher in better times. Around the OTT big screen as the core, DangbeiKugou Music will provide more quality services in the future, explore more interesting interactive experiences for the big screen, expand to a deeper technical level, so that the music big screen can be infinitely expanded in the use of scenarios, allowing more users to enjoy intelligent family entertainment life.