Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro Wins 2021 IAI Global Design Award

by Chelsea . on March 18, 2022

Lately, the 2021 IAI Design Awards officially presented the winners. With its new product form and design concept, Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro was selected from many outstanding entries and won the Digital Media Design Excellence Award at the 2021 IAI Design Award. This is another international design award won by Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro after the German Red Dot Award. 

Founded in 2020, the IAI Design Award is one of the most influential and prestigious design awards in the Asia-Pacific region and internationally, and has been praised as the "Oscars of Design" by CCTV and other authoritative media at home and abroad. As the most innovative award in Asia, the IAI jury rated these outstanding design works with award ranking and award honor. Among the outstanding works of the world's top designers, Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro finally won the grand prize after several rounds of judging.
Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro is a significant new model launched by Dangbei in 2021. It is not only a TV box with extraordinary performance, but also creates a new smart home scene to meet users' imagination of smart life.

New product form

Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro is totally different from ordinary TV boxes. It is equipped with a snap-on bracket at the bottom, which can be perfectly mounted on top of the TV, and a 2K ultra-HD camera that can simulate 100° human-like retinal imaging effect and capture clear 1080P 30FPS images without trailing shadows. With this camera, the Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro revitalizes the ordinary TV.

New usage scenario

Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro works well in many senarios. In the home scenario, the magic camera function of Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro supports a variety of expression DIY, and can share photos with friends with one click; AI fitness function allows you to exercise at home without leaving home. In the work scenario, the large-screen conference function supports multi-screen online conferences and easy sharing of screen content.

New interactive experience

Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro is equipped with DangbeiOS system, which has a customizable and editable system desktop, capable of multi-tasking switching, magic screen, AI intelligent recognition. In addition to the system, the Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro also further upgrades its interactive features, supporting global gesture control, long-range voice, and automatic matching of movies by face recognition.

Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro creatively combines a 2K HD camera with a high-performance TV box, turning the old TV at home into a smart screen in seconds. Through the camera's motion capture, users can easily achieve AI fitness, physical games, gesture control, and other functions, so that the single and tedious interaction of the previous TV set has become rich and fun.

Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro wins the 2021 IAI Design Award, demonstrating Dangbei's strong design and innovation capabilities. Smart life, barrier-free communication and unlimited entertainment are the design concepts of Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro. We will launch more creative and disruptive big screen products in the future.