LeTV Super TV and Dangbei create a music desktop to open up a new ecosystem of software and hardware cooperation

by Chelsea . on October 10, 2021

With the accelerated popularity of smart TVs, users are demanding more and more experience with smart TVs. Recently, Dangbei KuGou Music and LeTV Super TV reached a strategic cooperation and jointly launched a customized music desktop for TV users, aiming to provide smart TV users with a rich and high-quality music experience on the big screen.

In recent years, the dividend of mobile Internet has peaked, and the home Internet terminal represented by smart TV has gradually become a new traffic point. Facing the fierce competition in the market, the integration of manufacturers and brands has become an inevitable trend. The ecological integration of software and hardware has made the music desktop come into being.

Based on Dangbei KuGou music, the music desktop on LeTV Super TV not only provides users with a full range of music features, it also has a user community for music products on the TV side, allowing users to customize their own unique and exclusive personalized browsing pages. After users click on a song, more similar content will be recommended.

In the music desktop, you can see the search options related to selected hot songs, rankings, artists, and a record of the songs you have listened to so you can easily find the listening portal. You can switch between watching movies and listening to songs as you like. In terms of music content, Dangbei KuGou Music has a music library of 40+ million tracks, which basically covers most of the music copyrights at home and abroad. In addition, more than 17 rights and benefits, such as listen at will, song list square, history day recommendation, lossless sound quality, Viper sound, and ad-free, will also bring users a super high-quality music experience.

The music desktop is now available in LeTV Super TV products. As a well-known color TV brand, LeTV Super TV has so far launched many classic TV products that lead the industry, such as X60, Max70, uMax120, etc. In 2020, LeTV even brought the epoch-making health screen display technology, Quantum Dot 3.0, which has repeatedly won various awards in the industry.

Dangbei KuGou Music is the most downloaded music software on TV, and it is also one of Dangbei's key products. At present, Dangbei's big-screen applications have covered different segments such as film and television, music, education, fitness and tools, forming a rich product content matrix. In addition, with the Dangbei market as the core, Dangbei has also expanded outward with software and hardware and platforms that have characteristics and advantages in different fields, such as DangbeiOS, Dangbei Movie, Dangbei Projector, Dangbei Box, Dangbei Dianjin and Dangbei Big Data, etc., to build a richer and more exciting smart home application scenario for Chinese smart home life.

Music desktop is just the beginning. In the future, Dangbei will work with more partners to further expand the new ecology of hardware and software cooperation and enrich the family entertainment application scene based on users' deeper experience needs on the big screen.