Optoma held a spring new product launch conference and officially reached a strategic cooperation with Dangbei Network

by Chelsea . on September 15, 2021

On the afternoon of May 20th, the Optoma 520 True Love new product launch conference with the theme of "casting the real and listening the ultimate" was held as scheduled in Jili International Art District, Chaoyang District, Beijing, and five new projector products were officially released - Optoma ZK750/ ZK1050, Optoma EL500K laser projector, Optoma UHD528 and Optoma P1 laser TV products. At the launch event, Optoma China General Manager Wang Shuping said that Optoma now has a rich product layout worldwide, and last year also achieved the first global 4K brand, the second global home machine brand, and the third global projector brand.

The Optoma ZK750/ZK1050 are two 4K engineering projectors, both use a two-color laser light source and have a lifespan of 20,000 hours. Equipped with a new generation of pure engine, the brightness of 7500 lumens (ZK750) and 10000 lumens (ZK1050) can meet the needs of most scenarios.

In addition, the Optoma ZK750/ZK1050 projector is also equipped with 4K resolution, built-in splicing and fusion function, and supports horizontal and vertical keystone correction and arc correction. At the same time, these two products also use Olyte Duracore and MCL technology. Duracore can make the projector's service life longer, while MCL technology can further enhance the brightness performance of the product.   

Optoma EL500K laser projector has 4K ultra-high definition resolution, brightness up to 5000 lumens, contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, supports HDR high dynamic range + 3D stereo projection + power detection automatic power on + vertical lens shift, built-in SRS surround sound, with a  lifespan up to 20,000 hours.


The Optoma UHD528 is equipped with a 1.3X optical lens, has 4KUHD (3840*2160) resolution, a brightness of 2500 lumens, supports HDR decoding + 3D playback, and has rich application scenarios. The market price is 7999 yuan.

Optoma P1 laser TV adopts 0.47-inch DMD chip, with 4KUHD (3840*2160) resolution, brightness up to 3000 lumens, implanted NuForce amplifier technology, and has amazing sound effects. Built-in Android intelligent system, supports the installation of third-party applications Dangbei Market, can realize vertical and horizontal keystone correction and four-corner detection screen matching technology. At the same time, it supports HDR function, DCI-P3 wide color gamut, 1080P Blue-Ray 3D, and Dolby 5.1 channel, which can bring a better and more convenient user experience. The price is 26,999 yuan.

Optoma acquired NuForce, a well-known audio brand, in 2014, so Optoma also showed us three headphone products, Be Free6, Be Live5, and BE Sport4 at this conference.

In addition to releasing the above-mentioned new products, Optoma also held a 2019 strategic cooperation signing ceremony with Dangbei Network at the press conference. The two sides have reached a long-term and comprehensive strategic partnership based on the principles of peace, mutual benefit and complementary advantages. Dangbei Network is one of the well-known smart large-screen value-added service providers in China, with a total business coverage of more than 200 million large-screen terminals. Among them, Dangbei Market is currently one of the largest application stores on the TV side, providing more than 5,000 applications, and many of Optoma's products will also fully access the large-screen value-added services provided by the Dangbei network.

At the press conference, Dangbei co-founder Yu Feng also introduced the DangbeiOS 2.0 system independently developed by Dangbei. The system is specially designed for intelligent large screen, with simple style and smooth operation, which completely changed the original complex intelligent system of large screen remote control terminal. Yu Feng said that under the combination of hardware and software, Optoma will usher in better development prospects in the future, and consumers will also enjoy more valuable projection products. Dangbei Network is very confident to provide Optoma with high-quality and comprehensive services.