Panasonic joins hands with Dangbei Desktop to launch new Android TV

by Chelsea . on December 20, 2021

Smart TV has now become the mainstream TV product line of all major appliance manufacturers. As Android Android system has thoroughly influenced the vast majority of user habits, coupled with the ultimate rich expandability, Android Android operating system has become the preferred products for users. 

Recently, Panasonic TV has also joined the Android system, and will release a new DX400C series of Android system products. This series of products covers 43-65 inches in an all-round way, and the design of its new products adopts a simple and stable design style. For the first time, a dual-core coprocessor has been added, with a total core count of 10 cores, and a built-in HDR engine to provide more dynamic range and image details.

In terms of content, Panasonic has reached a cooperation with Mango TV, bringing together major film and television brands to join forces. This time, Panasonic changed the Firefox OS system and launched a new TV product equipped with the Android system. It is known Panasonic will continue to launch Android system TV in the future. For the industry, this is a big attempt by Panasonic and a challenge to other Android TVs. In this new system attempt, Panasonic cooperated with Hangzhou Dangbei Network Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known Android smart TV application developer in China. The Dangbei desktop will be built into the new TV products in the future to provide more concise and efficient desktop services for Panasonic TV users.

Dangbei desktop is a smart TV desktop system developed by Hangzhou Dangbei Network Technology Co., Ltd. It will be part of Panasonic's service system to bring personalized customization services to Panasonic TV users. Dangbei desktop, as the main product in the Dangbei market, has won unanimous praise from hundreds of millions of families with its minimalist and efficient features. It supports personalized wallpaper recommendation, and can customize personalized screensavers through WeChat. The attached TV cleaning tool can clear the background cache at any time to free up space, greatly improve the running speed of the smart TV, and let users get rid of the trouble of trouble.

With the demands of the market, Panasonic Smart TVs are facing challenges in many ways, the most important of which is to move closer to the Android market. This strategic change will bring a whole new look to Panasonic in the future. Dangbei Market will serve as the right hand of Panasonic TV, bringing more complete TV application services to Panasonic TV users and providing richer and more exciting TV entertainment services.

In addition, the Dangbei market under Hangzhou Dangbei Network Technology Co., Ltd. is perfectly adapted to 99% of Android smart TVs on the market. It is loved by TV users for its personalized application recommendations and easy and fast application downloads. At the same time, Dangbei Market can also detect the situation of smart TV devices to find problems in time, so that smart TV can better meet the immediate needs of TV users.