Skyworth, Coocaa and Dangbei Network Strategic Cooperation: Bringing Better Experiences to Billions of Families

by Chelsea . on September 24, 2021

Abstract: Skyworth Group is moving towards building a smart TV content ecosystem, with the vision to provide Skyworth users with more diversified TV content, better TV experience and enjoy the new life brought by smart families. Recently, Skyworth, Coocaa  and the smart TV application Dangbei market reached cooperation, together to create a better smart TV content.

After 26 years of refinement, Skyworth TV has become one of the largest TV brands in China and continues to create miracles in TV sales history. After years of cultivation in the field of smart TV, Skyworth established its Coocaa  network in 2006 and launched the Coocaa  TV brand in 2013. With excellent quality, affordable price and excellent reputation, Skyworth has become the brand of choice for users and has become the top-selling Internet TV brand.

Coocaa  TV, as a smart TV for a new generation of young people, prides itself on the "play with attitude" , and injects interesting and intelligent elements into millions of families through the new upgraded smart screen. This is the product of an old brand that used to perform well in the traditional TV industry in the new century. It is also a young and progressive brand who has gained a good reputation as soon as it was listed on the market and created sales of over 100 million on Double Eleven. As a smart TV created by a leading traditional TV brand, Coocaa  is positioned as a generation of young people with pursuit.

Dangbei Market is committed to bringing a better user experience to hundreds of millions of households, providing smart TVs with richer content, applications and games, recommending better application software, and improving and standardizing the TV application ecosystem. In 2015, after authoritative appraisal, Dangbei smart TV application software (product version number: obtained the "Innovative Application Software" appraisal certificate.   

As an industry-leading TV App Store, Dangbei Market has close cooperation with Youku, Akiy, Sohu, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, PPTV, Skyworth, Hisense, Konka, Haier, and Storm TV. It has become the largest smart TV content provider and TV distribution channel in China.

Dangbei Market has the richest application content, the most convenient download method, the fastest software release and the most intelligent management method. In 2 years, it has won the trust of hundreds of millions of users.

As the leading brands in the industry, Skyworth, Coocaa and Dangbei have reached strategic cooperation. The Dangbei market was launched on March 1 with a full range of Skyworth and Coocaa devices. At that time, users of Skyworth and Coocaa can experience the high-quality genuine content of the Dangbei market by updating the system, enjoy rich video resources, massive application software and fun and exquisite TV games.   

As the choice of the younger generation, Coocaa and Dangbei are positioned as trendy products with high-quality technology, and the customized Dangbei market also reveals a vigorous vitality. From the very artistic opening animation, it can be seen that the customized version of Dangbei market aims to publicize individuality, customize content, provide more powerful and convenient application services, and truly realize "Dangbei when you want to be down". It is hoped that this surprise can be brought to every Cooca smart home and continue the artistic pursuit of Cooca TV.