Tencent's START Cloud game lands on Dangbei's full series of products

by Chelsea . on January 20, 2022

Tencent's START cloud game lands on Dangbei's full series of products

On July 9, 2021, Dangbei Projection and START Cloud Games jointly announced that Tencent START Cloud Games officially launched DangbeiOS, covering Dangbei Projection, Dangbei Box and other main models equipped with DangbeiOS.

According to ZNDS intelligent TV network, the Tencent START cloud game landing devices include Dangbei projection F3/C2/C1, and Dangbei Super Box B3 Pro/B1/H1/A1/A1 Pro/Z1 Pro. Users can find the "Cloud Game Zone" by going to the Personal Center on the home page of the device. In addition, in the Tab on the home page, you can also find the exclusive section of "Tencent Cloud Games". Users can play all the popular games according to their preferences.

The official revealed that the game aspect will continue to be updated subsequently. In addition, Dangbei gamepad matching Tencent START cloud game will be released soon. At present, users can realize game operation through third-party gamepad or cell phone simulating virtual handle.

It is reported that in March 2019, Tencent START cloud game officially announced the start of testing. At present, Tencent START cloud game also supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and smart TV platforms, etc. Users do not need to purchase additional game hosts, nor do they need to download them, and they can play them directly by clicking on them.