The group standard of 'LED Smart Projector Technical Specifications' in China

by Dangbei on September 08, 2021

On 3rd September,China Video Industry association(CVIA) issued the first group standard of 'LED Smart Projector Technical Specifications'. The standard was protocoled by the Public Information Display(PID)Branch and Hangzhou Dangbei Network Technology Co., Ltd. The standard also invited some technical experts, consulting agencies, suppliers and channel vendors in the industry such as XGIMI, JMGO, O.B.E, MagicProjector,TI, JD, etc. to participated in the formulation. 'LED Smart Projector Technical Specification' provides specifications and instructions from product description, technical requirements, test methods, etc., As well as the first time precise definition and performance requirements for smart technical functions and smart operating system functions, laying a technical foundation for the smart projector industry.

Smart projector refers to a projector that has added wireless wifi Internet access function and is equipped with a smart operating system. It has the characteristics of small size, easy operation, multi-function, multi-support, and portable, which greatly improves the user experience,it is the future development trend of micro projectors. With the development of technology, smart projection has become another entertainment and display device for home life after TV, and it becomes the choice of more consumers in the Generation-Z. According to data from the market research agency RUNTO, In 2020 ,the smart projection market sales is 3.72 million sets in China, the same percentage of growth is 14.6%. From 2016 to 2020 the sales almost increase 5 times; In the first half of 2021, smart projection sales in China reached 2.312 million sets, sales increased 43.3%.

With the rapid growth of the industry, there are also obvious constraints to the development of the smart projection industry, such as unclear definitions of related products, false standards of core technical indicators such as brightness, resolution, and inconsistent unit labels.
In order to push the rapid development of smart projector technology, improve enterprises to upgrade their technical level, standardize industry competition, and protect user rights and interests, Dangbei took the lead in drafting the compilation of the group standard of ' LED Smart Projector Technical Specifications ' organized by the CHINA VIDEO INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION(CVIA).As a participant in the formulation of "Technical Specifications for LED Smart Projectors", Dangbei is the fastest growing manufacturer in the domestic smart projection market in the past two years, and has ranked first in terms of volume growth for two consecutive years. Since the launch of its first projection product in 2019, Dangbei has brought the terminal equipment, operating system, application market, application and content distribution into the smart projection industry by virtue of the deep integration of software and hardware development, and has quickly become a home projection field  first-line brand. 

The group standard 'LED Smart Projectors Technical Specifications' was formally implemented on 1st September 2021. After implementation, it will effectively restrict companies in the industry from complying with the standards, improve product quality, and at the same time guide the future development direction and guide companies to concentrate their strengths in development Core technology, together to promote the rapid development of the smart projector industry. At the same time, in order to cooperate with the evaluation of the national enterprise standard ranking version of the LED smart projection industry in 2021, Dangbei as the lead of the industry will also continue to participate in the 'LED smart projection' leader jointly. Dangbie will promote the high standardization and high level of sustainable development of the whole industry.