The Power of Google TV for Projectors

by Dangbei Official on May 15, 2024

In the ever-expanding world of streaming, navigating the plethora of platforms and apps can feel overwhelming. Enter Google TV, a user-friendly interface that simplifies your viewing experience by bringing everything together in one place. But what exactly is Google TV, and how can it enhance your home entertainment, especially on a projector? This comprehensive guide delves into everything you need to know about Google TV, from its core functionalities to Google TV apps and beyond.

google tv projector

What is Google TV?

Google TV isn't a standalone streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. Instead, it's a smart TV operating system (OS) pre-installed on various TVs and streaming devices. Think of it as a central hub that curates content from all your subscribed streaming services, presenting them in a unified and organized manner.

It's important to differentiate between the current iteration of Google TV and its predecessor, which launched in 2010. The original Google TV was a full-fledged operating system that didn't gain much traction. In 2014, Google introduced Android TV, a more successful platform that focused on app integration. Fast forward to 2021, Google revamped the Android TV interface, introducing the current Google TV experience we know today. It focuses on content discovery, with a "For You" page that curates recommendations from across your streaming services. This version debuted with the Chromecast with Google TV device and has become the standard interface for many smart TVs today.

Here's where Google TV shines:

  • Content Aggregation: No more switching between apps! Google TV integrates seamlessly with your existing streaming subscriptions, displaying their content alongside recommendations and free-to-watch options.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Google TV leverages your viewing habits and preferences to suggest movies, shows, and documentaries you might enjoy. This eliminates the dreaded "what to watch next" dilemma.
  • Seamless Search: Forget rummaging through individual apps. Google TV offers a universal search function that scours across all your connected services, making it a breeze to find specific titles.
  • Voice Control Integration: Leverage the power of your voice! Google TV seamlessly integrates with Google Assistant, allowing you to control playback, search for content, and even adjust settings using simple voice commands.

How to Get Google TV

Users can leverage Google TV's versatility by accessing it in various ways, allowing them to seamlessly integrate the platform into their preferred devices and lifestyles:

  • Smart TVs: Google TV isn't available on all smart TVs, but it's becoming increasingly common. Many newer smart TVs from Sony, TCL, and Hisense come with Google TV pre-installed.
  • Google TV App: The Google TV app is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, allowing you to browse content, manage your watchlist, and even use your phone as a remote for a compatible TV.
  • Chromecast with Google TV: This device plugs into your HDMI port and provides the full Google TV experience, turning any TV into a smart TV. It’s an affordable way to add Google TV functionality to any non-smart TV.
  • Smart Projectors: Some modern smart projectors now come with the Google TV operating system, further enhancing the content richness of projectors. Explore the world’s first Google TV 4K laser projector, the Mars Pro 2, and the first Google TV mini laser projector from Dangbei, the Atom. Both projectors offer a big-screen experience with ultimate convenience.

Google TV Apps and Interface

google tv apps

One of Google TV's biggest strengths is its vast app library. Here's a glimpse into some of the popular apps available on Google TV:

  • Movies & Shows: Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock, Apple TV, Prime Video, STARZ...
  • Live TV & Sports: YouTube TV, Sling, Philo, Pluto TV, Fubo TV, Red Bull TV, NBA, NFL, MLB...
  • Fitness: EQX+, FITON, PELOTON, L+, Gymondo...
  • Music: Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Radioline...(Availability may vary depending on device, country, and region.)

Google TV boasts a clean and intuitive interface that prioritizes ease of use. Here's a breakdown of the key elements:

  • For You Tab: This is your personalized landing page, showcasing recommended content based on your watch history and interests.
  • Discover Tab: Dive deeper into specific genres or content categories using the Discover tab. This is where you can explore new shows, movies, and even gaming options.
  • Watchlist: Build your own queue of content you plan on watching later. This is a handy tool for keeping track of interesting finds.
  • Apps Tab: Access all your downloaded streaming service apps directly through this tab.
  • Search Bar: Utilize the universal search bar to find specific titles or browse by genre, actor, director, and more.

Google TV on Projectors

Now that you're familiar with the core functionalities of Google TV, let's explore some helpful tips and tricks to elevate your streaming experience on a projector:

Licensed and Built-in Netflix: Experience the best Netflix streaming experience on a projector with Google TV. Unlike Netflix on other systems, which may often stutter and crash, Netflix streaming on Google TV is smooth and seamless, coming pre-installed and requiring no installation.

Customize Your Recommendations: Refine your recommendations by adjusting your "Watchlist" and "For You" preferences. 

Organize Your Apps: Rearrange the app layout in the "Apps" tab to prioritize your most frequently used services. This allows for quicker access to your favorite content.

Master Voice Control: Leverage the power of Google Assistant! Use voice commands to search for specific titles, launch apps, control playback, and even adjust settings.

Explore Free Content: Don't underestimate the power of free streaming services like Tubi. They offer a surprising variety of movies, shows, and documentaries to keep you entertained without breaking the bank.

Connect with Google Play Movies & TV: Purchase or rent movies and shows directly through Google TV. These purchases are conveniently stored in your library for easy access across all your devices.

Connect with Family and Friends: Utilize Google TV's multiple profiles to create personalized experiences for different users within your household. This ensures everyone has their own recommendations and watchlists.

Dive into Parental Controls: Set parental controls to manage screen time, restrict access to specific content based on age ratings, and ensure a safe viewing experience for younger users.

Best Google TV Projectors from Dangbei

Dangbei Mars Pro 2 4K Laser Projector with Google TV

google tv projector with licensed netflix

Mars Pro 2 is the world’s first Google TV 4K laser projector with built-in, licensed Netflix access. This smart projector boasts a laser light source of 2450 ISO lumens, ensuring exceptional 4K picture quality with incredible brightness—perfect for replicating the cinematic experience at home. It also marks the first projector to combine laser-illuminated Ultra HD picture, Dolby and DTS:X surround sound, the vast content universe of Google TV, officially licensed Netflix, and advanced smart controls. This makes it a truly all-in-one entertainment hub, transforming spaces into a movie theater, a gaming arena, or even a sports bar.

Dangbei Atom Google TV Mini Laser Projector

google tv mini laser projector

Dangbei Atom is the first Google TV Mini Laser Projector designed by Dangbei. Boasting 1200 ISO lumens, Atom could well be the brightest projector on the market compared with other low form factor home projectors. This revolutionary smart projector is perfect for movie nights, presentations, and more. Plus, it's incredibly lightweight and slim, so you can easily put it in a case and take it with you. With the Google TV smart OS, you can stream your favorite content from a vast array of apps—no need for a separate streaming device!


In today's crowded streaming landscape, Google TV stands out as a compelling all-in-one solution for those overwhelmed by juggling multiple apps and services. Its intuitive interface, personalized recommendations, and extensive app library make it a powerful contender, offering a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience.

For movie enthusiasts and binge-watchers alike, the integration of Google TV into modern projectors like the Dangbei Mars Pro 2 and Atom takes home entertainment to new heights. Imagine transforming any space into a private cinema, with a massive projected display and immersive surround sound, all controlled by the convenience of Google TV. With built-in streaming capabilities, voice controls, and access to a vast content universe, these smart projectors truly revolutionize the way we consume entertainment at home.


Q: What is the difference between Google TV and Android TV?

A: Google TV is the latest smart TV platform from Google, released in 2021. It replaces the older Android TV interface with a more content-focused experience that aggregates recommendations and watchlists from across your streaming apps. Read Google TV vs Android TV for a detailed comparison.

Q: Can I get Google TV on my existing TV?

A: Google TV is available pre-installed on some newer smart TV models from brands like Sony, TCL, and Hisense. If your current TV doesn't have Google TV, you can add it by purchasing a Chromecast with Google TV device to plug into your TV's HDMI port.

Q: What streaming apps work with Google TV?

A: Google TV has an extensive library of supported apps, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Spotify, Peloton, and many more across movies, shows, live TV, sports, fitness, and music.

Q: How do I control Google TV?

A: Google TV can be controlled using the remote that comes with your TV or streaming device. It also works seamlessly with Google Assistant for voice commands to search, play, pause, adjust volume and more.

Q: How does Google TV work on a projector?

A: Some modern projectors like the Dangbei Mars Pro 2 and Atom models come with Google TV built-in, providing the full smart TV experience on a big projected screen. This includes easy app access, voice controls and streaming capabilities.