What is ALPD Technology?

by Dangbei Official on June 29, 2023

Many projectors may mention ALPD in the descriptions or specifications of their products. But what exactly is ALPD?


ALPD, short for Advanced Laser Phosphor Display, is a laser display technology widely used in modern projectors. It utilizes laser-excited fluorescent materials and mixed multi-color laser lines to deliver a high-quality image display.

ALPD 1.0

ALPD 1.0

Working Principle and Development

Initially developed by Appotronics in 2007, ALPD technology has seen several advancements from ALPD 1.0 to ALPD 4.0. Each iteration has brought improvements in brightness, color reproduction, and speckle reduction. ALPD 4.0, the latest version, is 30% more powerful than ALPD 3.0.

ALPD 4.0

ALPD 4.0

This technology uses lasers and rare earth luminescent materials to support a wide color gamut in laser projectors. Theoretically, it can achieve a color gamut coverage of up to 90% of the human eye.

Many projector suppliers have applied this technology to their latest products. For example, VAVA Chroma, and Dangbei Mars Pro.

Dangbei Mars Pro

Advantages of ALPD

High light efficiency

ALPD technology is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

High brightness

High light efficiency determines high brightness. With ALPD, projectors can achieve brightness levels of up to 60,000lm, positioning them at the forefront of the industry.

Wide color gamut

Combining phosphor and laser, ALPD technology enables color performance that meets the DCI cinema standard, with a maximum color gamut coverage of 98.5% of Rec.2020.

wide color gamut

High light utilization

ALPD ensures high light utilization and a contrast ratio of 2500:1, meeting cinema standards.


ALPD technology has overcome the most fundamental technical difficulties of laser display in terms of cost, efficiency, performance, and reliability.

By leveraging ALPD technology, projectors can deliver exceptional visual experiences with high brightness, accurate color reproduction, and wide color gamut coverage. These advancements have revolutionized the industry and raised the bar for laser projectors.