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Dangbei Neo Smart Projector - Dangbei
Dangbei Neo Smart Projector - Dangbei
Dangbei Neo Smart Projector - Dangbei
Dangbei Neo Smart Projector - Dangbei
Dangbei Neo Smart Projector - Dangbei
Dangbei Neo Smart Projector - Dangbei
Dangbei Neo Smart Projector - Dangbei

Dangbei Neo Smart Projector

All-in-One Mini Projector with Native Netflix

$359.00 $549.00
  • BINGE WATCH NETFLIX: Officially-licensed Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and more come pre-installed and run smoothly on the Linux system. No additional devices are necessary!
  • TAKE YOUR MOVIES ANYWHERE: The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around your home or backyard. Also perfect for fitting into your backpack for a vacation.
  • PICTURE-PERFECT: Boasting 1080P FHD resolution and 540 ISO Lumens, with support for HDR10/HLG, Neo offers a sharper, crisper image of up to 120", powered by DLP technology.
  • EFFORTLESS SETUP: Enjoy easy setup with auto focus & keystone correction, intelligent screen fit & obstacle avoidance, all designed for a clear and sharp image.
  • SOUND THAT SURROUNDS YOU: Immerse in a 360° cinematic sound experience with its 2×6W speakers and Dolby Audio support. A noise level of <24dB ensures sufficient immersion.

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    Netflix Officially Licensed

    Dive into a vast collection of content from leading streaming apps

    Lightweight & Easy to Carry

    Neo boasts a lightweight design and effortless portability with an anti-scratch lens. You can easily take your favorite movies anywhere with just one hand!

    Everything Packed.
    Nothing Compromised.
    Revel in crisp visuals with Neo's 1080P FHD resolution & 540 ISO lumens brightness. Experience exceptional clarity, high contrast, and reduced pixelation, all powered by the DLP technology.
    Turn Your Home into a Theater
    Transform any space into your very own cinema with a 37.5“-120” native 1080p FHD display.
    Get Wowed by Stunning Visuals
    Experience exceptional color contrast with Dangbei Neo's HDR10 and HLG technology, and enjoy more vivid and accurate color reproduction with about 90% coverage of the cinema-grade DCI-P3 color space. With three color temperature options, you have the flexibility to customize your viewing experience.

    Setup Has Never Been Easier

    Say bye to complex manual adjustments! Advanced technologies help deliver a smooth and complete image, with zero fuss or frustration.
    Mars Pro can automatically detect the screen and fit its image into the screen's borders. You don't need to move your projector or adjust anything before watching movies.
    The Mars Pro detects objects such as sockets and decorations on your wall and automatically adjusts the image size to deliver a complete picture.
    The Mars Pro gives you more freedom when you fit it into your home. Place it anywhere and it will automatically adjust the image shape to make it square and clear.
    Immerse Yourself in 360° Surround Sound

    The powerful combination of 2×6W speakers and Dolby Audio™ envelops you in clear, rich surround sound that will transport you to another world right away.

    Unleash Your Inner Gamer

    With low latency down to 30ms, Neo lets you enjoy all your go-to games on the big screen. Whether you’re playing on a console or PC, stay connected for the ultimate gaming experience with USB, HDMI and more ports.

    Unwind in Absolute Peace

    Dangbei Neo operates at an ultra-low noise level of less than 24dB. Immerse yourself in your favorite shows and movies without a constant hum disrupting the experience.

    Seamlessly Connect & Share

    Neo’s native Mirrorcast and Homeshare apps make it easy to mirror or stream content from your mobile devices to the projector, giving you the flexibility to watch videos, view photos, and scroll through social media on a bigger screen.

    Long-Lasting & Safe

    Get more out of your projector with an impressive lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. Neo automatically dims its light when it’s necessary to protect the eyes, ensuring a long and safe viewing experience for you and your loved ones.


    • Setup
    • Content
    • Operation
    • Connection
    • Others



    • Display Technology


    • Brightness (ISO Lumens)


    • Display Chip

      0.33" DMD

    • Light Source


    • Light Source Lifespan

      30,000 Hours

    • Resolution

      1080P FHD (1920×1080)

    • Supported Formats

      HDR10, HLG


    • Throw Ratio


    • Image Size


    • Auto Focus

      Yes, ToF+Camera Auto Focus

    • Auto Keystone Correction

      Yes, ±30°

    • Intelligent Screen Fit


    • Intelligent Obstacle



    • Speaker

      2 x 6W

    • Dolby Digital


    • Dolby Digital Plus



    • RAM

      1GB DDR3

    • Storage

      8GB eMMC5.1

    • Operating System


    • Content

      Official License from Netflix,
      YouTube, Prime Video, etc.


    • Input

      USB2.0 x 2
      HDMI IN x 1
      DC-IN x 1
      LAN x 1

    • Output

      S/PDIF Out x 1

    • WiFi

      Dual-band 2.4/5GHz, 2T2R,

    • Bluetooth

      Bluetooth 5.0/BLE


    • Operating Temperature


    • Power Consumption


    • Noise

      <22dB @25°C Distance:1m


    • Size

      7.87 x 6.18 x 3.94 Inches

    • Weight

      3.13 lbs


    • Power Plug

      90W (19V/4.74A)

    • AC Cord

      x 1

    • Remote Control

      x 1

    • User Manual

      x 1

    User Manual

    Neo Manual


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Carlos Alarcon
    Best purchase ever

    me and my wife bought this projector and its amazing, now we watch so many series and movies on weekends haha. And I'm going to buy another one for my dad. We really loved it



    A super powerful little projector!

    I have been using the Dangbei neo smart projector for a while now, and it has exceeded my expectations in several key aspects. From its bright and colorful 1080p picture to its AMAZING speakers, this projector really hits a lot of big points.

    Image Quality
    Ease of Use
    Quiet Fans
    Small Size

    No Battery
    Power Brick
    Auto Keystone Correction

    Let's start with one of the standout features, the speakers. WOW! I use lots of audio equipment and the speakers absolutely blew me away. They have tons of bass, clear mids for vocals, and crisp highs. They also have enough volume to easily fill the whole room with full, rich sound. These are by far the best speakers I have heard on a projector and it really helps create an immersive experience when watching shows or playing games without the need of a soundbar or any extra speaker systems.
    Next is Brightness, color, and image quality, since those go hand and hand. Its brightness levels are great, creating lots of color and a vivid picture even in rooms with some ambient light. At night in a dark room, it is a stunning picture! Even scenes with shadows are clearly visible. In addition, the colors are amazing and really make the picture pop! It isn’t quite bright enough for lots of open windows or direct sunlight, but I can comfortably use it with my blinds closed during the daytime projecting a 90-100” screen. Obviously the darker you can get, the better, but that goes for every tv or projector. There are settings where you can edit the picture yourself, so all that paired with the 1080p native picture quality creates an amazing image.
    I’ll quickly run through some of the other positives. It has an easy to use interface and I did try the native software. The Netflix app does work well on it, but it also has CEC, so connecting a Google tv or Apple tv works seamlessly too. That is what I usually do for most of my screens, but if needed the built in software does work smoothly. The autofocus works well, and the best way I found was clicking and holding the focus button in the middle of the controller. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the autofocus to catch on, but it always ends with a clear image. The fans are very quiet and never took away from the experience, even with the projector only a foot or two away from my head. Also, the projector itself is relatively small and easy to fit in a backpack so you could definitely bring it with you to a friend's house or anywhere. Plus, it has a fairly low latency, so I had no issues connecting my Nintendo switch and playing it on the massive screen!

    Now for some of the cons. Firstly, the auto keystone correction. It does work, but it takes the projector a long time to set it up. Honestly I found myself using the manual keystone correction when I just needed a quick fix, but it is very easy to use so that wasn’t much of a problem. Also, do keep in mind that the projector doesn’t have a battery and the cable for it does have a medium sized brick, much like a lot of PCs. This isn’t a dealbreaker for me because I have used lots of projectors with built in batteries, but not one of them could even last a whole movie, so I would have to scramble to find the cord and plug it in before the projector completely dies. Plus, they are usually a lot dimmer since they are trying to run off of a smaller power source, so I think it is a worthwhile tradeoff.

    Lastly, I wanted to mention the company itself, Dangbei. I hadn’t heard much of them before this projector, but I'm glad to say they have some amazing customer service! I reached out to them concerning a question I had about the projector, and I received a response within the day that covered everything I wanted to know. They were very informative and friendly, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them if you have any questions.

    Overall, this is a great projector and would be an awesome addition to any movie session or family game night!

    Excellent Projector

    This is an impressive smart projector with TOF that auto-focuses and automatically adjusts and fit the image based on the screen. And this projector can automatically avoid obstacles, I don't have to deliberately adjust the screen or move the position of decorations around the screen when using it, which is very intelligent and convenient, those features worked really well.

    The image has high resolution even on the 120" display, and it also has very great color matching and tones. The surround sound is incredible, with the Bluetooth option the projector also works as a Bluetooth speaker as well. And the projector's fan noise is very low.

    The projector has built-in apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and several other pre-installed APPS, it's also very convenient to use the morriorcast and homeshare function to cast the videos or shared via the built-in mirror broadcast.

    Overall, it's the perfect small, lightweight, portable smart projector worthy to buy, it can be mounted on a tripod to use as a home cinema, or even in the backyard to host an occasional movie night.

    A & B Studio
    Obsessed 💞

    This isn't my first projector, but it is my first DLP projector, and I think it has better values and sharpness than an LED. The label says blue, but it's definitely a decent gray. Setup is easy peasy, startup is fast and responsiveness is great!

    I'm impressed with the brightness - 540 lumens. It's best in a dark room, but you'll still be able to see the image with surrounding lights on, and enough during the day if there's no direct sun.

    Being able to change perspective through keystone correction is a dream. You wouldn't even know it's half way off to the left of the room, not even close to being directly across the screen, projecting clearly.
    Our zoom is set to 50% the max possible size, so it's great having the option to cast a massive image if I ever come across a gigantic empty wall.
    The 2 speakers are nice, not as powerful as a professional surround monitor set, but surely more enjoyable and dynamic than a phone and ordinary laptop.

    There are lots of connection options, and I find HDMI works well.
    As an electronics sensitive person, I also feel like the EMF shielding is better than average. It's really enjoyable to have on and operate and supposedly it could last 30,000 hours, so I'm hoping that means we'll get to enjoy about 15,000 films. Looking forward to it!